Proven technology,
slimmer design,
high pull-out strength as ever

The K-Eyelet slim

Reduce your costs and benefit from higher tear-out strength and lower weight.

Let us advise you and find out how you can optimize your production.

Economical. Strong. Made in Germany.

Proven technology in a new design

Based on our one-piece K-eyelet system, the K-eyelet slim offers a narrower design with just as high stability and pull-out strength as the original version. A narrower plate reduces the amount of material required to pro- duce the high-quality eyelet.

Filigree in appearance, strong in performance. Quality you can feel.

Made in Germany

The advantages at a glance

Advantages for the assembler:

Advantages for the user:

The functionality

Compared to conventional two-piece eyelets, the K-eyelet system is made from only one piece. A toothed edge already enables a stable connection between substrate and eyelet during fastening. When attached, the carrier material rolls into the K-eyelet and gets efficiently and securely wedged, so that the material edge is permanently stabilized and strengthened. The result is a much higher pull-out strength of the eyelet.

Higher performance with easier handling – the one-piece system of the K-eyelet is both economical and functional. Discover the advantages now!

The technique in comparison

Two-piece eyelet
Conventional technique

Herkömmliche zweiteilige Öse

One-piece K-Eyelet slim
Proven Prym technique

K-Öse slim, einteilig

Learn how the K-Eyelet slim can reduce your costs

Diverse application possibilities

Our economical, one-piece K-eyelet slim is available in four different finishes, offering versatile design options. It resists the toughest demands and is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

Messingöse roh, Gold

Surface: brass raw
Optics: gold

Messingöse vernickelt, silber

Surface: nickel-plated
Optics: silver

Messingöse brüniert, schwarz

Surface: burnished
Optics: black

Stahlöse, verzinkt

Surface: galvanized
Optics: galvanized

Application examples

Ösen für Planen

Container covers, tarpaulins

Ösen für Industriefilter

Industrial filters

Ösen für Markisen und Sonnenschutz, Sichtschutz

Awnings, sun and sight protection

Advertising flags and banners

Furniture, curtains, fixing straps, transport belts

Ösen für Automotive

Seats, automotive

Ösen für Zelte

Camping tents, rescue tents and army tents

learn more about the application areas of the K-Eyelet slim

Available eyelet sizes

Ø Inside
in mm
Ø Outside
in mm
in mm
Graphical visualization
of the sizes
10,0 14,0 8,5
12,0 17,0 8,5
16,0 21,0 9,6
18,0 24,0 10,2
20,0 27,0 10,6
40,0 50,0 15,0

Attachment possibilities


Piercing and hammering tool

Sizes of K-Eyelet slim:

10 12 16 18 20 40



PP 20

Sizes of K-Eyelet slim:

10 12 16

PP 20 Pneumatische Ösenmaschine

PO 22B

Sizes of K-Eyelet slim:

12 16 18 20 40

PO 22B Hydraulische Ösenmaschine

Fully automatic

NE 52-1K

Sizes of K-Eyelet slim:

10 12 16 18 20

NE 52-1K

NE 54E-1K

Sizes of K-Eyelet slim:


NE 54E-1K

NE 53E-1K

Sizes of K-Eyelet slim:

10 12 16 18 20

Fully automatic attaching of 2 eyelet sizes possible due to easy change of tools.

NE 53E-1K

Learn what advantages the K-Eyelet slim means for your production

Economical. Strong. Made in Germany.
We do not compromise on the quality of our products.

Prym stands for high-quality materials, state-of-the-art processing technologies and high manufacturing precision. Strict controls guarantee a consistently high quality of materials, shapes, and colours.

Made in Germany

Rediscovering the tried and tested

The continuous advancement of proven technologies enables us to constantly optimize our products and provide you with new applications for our systems. Just think of the K-eyelet slim: slimmer design, but the same strong performance as the original.

Our promise

Our products always keep our promise: durability and functionality even for extreme application use. Benefit not only from high-quality products, but also from individual consulting and made-to-measure attaching technology for a reliable production. This is what you can rely on!

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